Zoolander 2: New Poster with Derek in the winter

Comes a new poster for the comedy movie ‘Zoolander 2’ with Ben Stiller in his famous character Derek, a brainless fashion model who now is involved in more wrongs for the upcoming comedy sequel.

Zoolander 2

With a look that, incidentally, it is reminiscent of a scene another of his famous comedy ‘Tropic Thunder’, in which, also by chance, interpreted to a actor truly socket head, a Hollywood star without too many lights. As we can see, a peculiar pattern for one of the most famous comic figures.

In the main cast of ‘Zoolander 2’ also lack the actor Will Ferrell, the quaint role of villain. Without leaving behind his highly elaborate look for the occasion.

The first installment of the series already considered ‘Zoolander’ got a box office of less than 60 million dollars worldwide. A figure that is not very showy, but that multiplied by two the initial investment. What leaving the project of its sequel as more than viable.

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