World War Z 2 is a restart with Brad Pitt in front

After that in 2013 the film ‘World War Z’ got to reap more than $200 million in worldwide box office, its sequel got the green light. Brad Pitt, producer and star of the film also encouraged to do so. With a history that initially was planted as a continuation of the argument.

World War Z

Steven Knight, screenwriter of the film, was launched with the project almost immediately. Now come new details about the project, and it seems that it will be a restart.

Steven Knight, who wrote the script for ‘Eastern Promises’ by David Cronenberg or drama film ‘Locke’, talked about the history. “We’re starting from scratch, is a real clean slate”. Knight said in a recent meeting with the media.

The plot of the first movie presented us a zombie infection which devastated the Earth completely. An expert in special operations, who worked for the United Nations, is wrapped around the outbreak. Characters played by Brad Pitt. The ending of the film was telling us the battle between humans and zombies to try to annihilate them completely. Yes restart materializes, remains to be seen the starting point of the argument.

The process of shooting the first film went through really tough times. Including a last minute change in its main argument. Much of the budget went before to be able to finish it, and ended up with some other “patch” in the room of postproduction. Finally, the production went on a roll at the box office and the sequel was confirmed.

Brad Pitt also appears as the protagonist. But with new statements writer remains to be seen the point in time at which begins the story. Its release is the end of 2016; yes we will soon know more details about the project.

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