Wonder Woman beginning in 1920 and begins a trilogy

The project of monographic film ‘Wonder Woman’ could take until 1920 and to be the start of a trilogy. Therefore it would be clear that its argument would not be a sequel to ‘Batman Vs Superman’ and show us the origins of the character.

Wonder Woman

The actress Gal Gadot decided to shelve female lead role in the remake of ‘Ben Hur’ to devote herself to the work of Wonder Woman for DC and Warner. Something that undoubtedly makes clear that its agenda of work will be more than occupied in the mid term. The studio would close and looking for a technical team to take charge of the project.

Starting with a director who would sign for a complete trilogy within an argument that will start in the year 20 of the last century. That is, their development would have nothing to do with the events depicted in the footage of ‘Batman Vs Superman’, as days are speculating ago.

The release of the first ‘Wonder Woman’ is scheduled for June 23 2017. Although so far not announced anything about the presumed two deliveries, this would be a calendar marked from 2018 onwards. But it is very early to say anything. The plot of the first film of ‘Wonder Woman’ takes us to Paradise Island, where factions Amazons are at war fighting for control of the territory.

In the midst of this conflict a man who goes for help to the Amazon appears (that man would not necessarily be the love interest of the protagonist). Wonder Woman will travel with him to a place outside the world had ever known, a world that is not ready for someone like her. As we say, all set in the first third of the century. ‘Wonder Woman 2’ already in the time of World War II, in its third film to take us to the present. As we say, we still wait for news on their release schedule. But it would be a project four years from now.

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