Trolls: Sympathetic third trailer with Dreamworks Animation

We released the second official trailer for the children’s animation film ‘Trolls’. This is the most likely new hit animation factory DreamWorks Animation. In which a number of Hollywood stars lend their voices for the occasion. One of the main roles that this type of movies usually play to attract target audience.


We find names such as Justin Timberlake, Russell Brand or Anna Kendrick; they are part of the main cast. They all appear in the new trailer recently released.

And precisely speaking about premieres, ‘Trolls’ will come to the screens of the whole world from next November. All within a year in which the genre was provided with a good number of successes, both of DreamWorks Animation and Disney Pixar.

The synopsis of the film is as follows: DreamWorks ‘ Trolls’ is a surprising comedy full of unexpected adventures and amazing music. Known for their crazy and magical hair colors, Trolls are the happiest and joyful creatures who break into the world of the song.

But his world of rainbow and cupcakes changed forever when his leader Poppy embarks on a rescue mission that will take it far from the only world that he has known.

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