Transformers 5 will have three more sequels according to Hasbro

Hasbro has just confirmed the launch of four films in the Transformers saga, starting with ‘Transformers 5’, with Michael Bay in direction. But also in addition the preparation of the sixth, seventh and eighth episode of the blockbuster franchise of adventure and science fiction.

Transformers 5

From Hasbro confirmed that the future of the Transformers saga will extend over the next ten years. It makes the most history, so a good number of reputable writers gathered to develop its rich universe of events, with Akiva Goldsman in front of it.

That is, the Transformers saga released a film every two years approximately. Of entry Michael Bay will continue as producer in all of them, and his work as director on ‘Transformers 5’ is already confirmed.

With the actor Mark Wahlberg reissuing his role as Cade Yaeger, in which he debuted in ‘Transformers 4’. In addition also it remains to be seen if Megan Fox will return to the franchise, as it has been talking about for some time.

The last film in the Transformers saga was hit in movie theater in 2014, with ‘Age of Extinction’. Raising more than 1,100 million dollars at the box office of international cinema.

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