Toy Story 4 will be released in 2017

It has just announced the release of the movie ‘Toy Story 4’ by mid 2017. Great news for fans of Pixar, waiting with eager new project produced by the legendary creative John Lasseter.

Toy Story 4

Fans of the Toy Story series are in luck. Since it has just announced the premiere of ‘Toy Story 4’ by mid 2017. From meno producer John Lasseter, the main promoter of the previous installments series and one of the creative parents of Disney Pixar, the factory of animation that revolutionized the genre for more than two decades. Its debut in theaters planned for the summer of 2017. Within a year that Disney could break all records of collection at the box office of world cinema.

Especially since the Toy Story series is one of the most successful in the history of film in its genre, in addition to also have other very interesting releases in the genre of superheroes and many other adventure and science fiction. With the presence of John Lasseter in production and project management, Disney Pixar largely guarantees a great end result of the cinema. Recalling the series that revolutionized animated film, introducing 3D technology within a genre in which to date only provided traditional two-dimensional animation.

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