Tom Holland confirms several action scenes in Captain America 3

Actor Tom Holland talked about his experience on the set of the film “Captain America 3 Civil War”. Anticipating some details about the filming process led by the Russo brothers.

tom holland

Tom Holland marked his debut for the month of May 2016. By now there are many speculations about the draft of his role in the Marvel film before his debut monograph. It is Holland himself who now confirmed his presence in the project having several action scenes. As hinted earlier this year, after the theory of “cameo” is completely forgotten once even assigned a relevant point in the confrontation between Iron Man and Captain America in the main plot.

Tom Holland also commented an anecdote during filming. In which he slightly injured because of a stumbling block during the filming process. “It was something very ridiculous, I do not understand very well the reason but I stumbled and I hit” to which he said “In the end all we laugh a lot”. Meanwhile we continue to expect the first official trailer of the film after the various leaks that have occurred in recent weeks.

By the way will become clearer interesting points about the Spiderman costume, one of the most relevant elements in the argument and recreation own action figure, perhaps the most famous of Marvel.

With the premiere of his film monograph framed in July 2017, leading to Spiderman to the secondary era, although without recreating its origins such and as he did in the sagas directed by Sam Raimi and Marc Webb.

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