Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2 after Mission Impossible 5

Actor Tom Cruise is planning to revive one of the most famous arguments of his film career. This is the franchise ‘Top Gun’, in which he republished one of the roles that gave him more fame at the origin of his stardom in Hollywood. A project to be included in his schedule of work after ‘Mission Impossible 5’.

tom cruise top gun 2

So far no official details about his new work schedule, but all indications are that production will start before the end of 2015. Cruise also talked about some technical details, making it clear that there will be no digital aircraft, i.e., fighting and aerial maneuvers that we see on the screen will be completely real and developed using authentic planes.

Tom Cruise never hesitated to participate directly in the scenes of greatest impact of all his films. Precisely speaking aviation in Mission Impossible 5 actively participated in one of the stunts, when he flew over 250 kph attached to the outside of the fuselage of the aircraft in front of the cameras.

So far no date for the premiere of ‘Top Gun’, although it could be around the month of June 2017. Meanwhile Cruise also prepares ‘Jack Reacher 2’, sequel of action for precisely will be reunited with the director of the first installment and the fifth film of Mission Impossible.

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