The surprising poster of Big Eyes by Tim Burton

Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz paint their obsession on the poster for the next Tim Burton.

big eyes poster

Tim Burton has unveiled the poster for his upcoming film Big Eyes on his Facebook page. We already waiting the film like the return of the Burton that we love so much, that of Ed Wood and Edward in the hands of money, after the lazy command films where his style is more than process (after the highly profitable Alice in Wonderland and the least profitable Dark Shadows).

Speaking of style, it’s about Big Eyes as it is a biopic of painter. The story of Margaret Keane (Amy Adams), a woman of 50 years including the paintings of characters with big eyes is a phenomenal success… Except that it is her husband, Walter (Christoph Waltz), who signs the paintings and harvest glory.

Big Eyes promises to paint a deleterious relationship and madness of artistic creation. As illustrated by this poster away from digital cardboard, delirious SFX and 3D of the last Burton, to focus on the duel Margaret/Walter. And on their voracious creation, symbolized by the child with big eyes in tears who eats all poster and hypnotizes you. Not bad.

Big Eyes will be released on 24 December, under the tree.

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