The Ring 3 will be released on November 13, 2015

The horror movie ‘The Ring 3’ already has release date confirmed for this year specifically in 2015. Located specifically in November 13, within a movement of pieces made by Paramount Pictures in its productions of terror and suspense.

The Ring 2

With filming to begin and the announcement of the actress Matilda Lutz as the protagonist, everything points that there will not be problems in expiring with the dates estimated for the awaited new delivery of the production of the japanese classic.

As we say, the young actress Matilda Lutz was recently confirmed to star in the next installment. Within its distribution we also hope to see Naomi Watts, albeit in a cameo to serve as a “tribute” or nexus.

Akiva Goldsman (father of many blockbusters in Hollywood) is the primary responsibility of the script of the film, which provides a seal of quality for the project. The classic argument of ‘The Ring’ spoke to damn movie, which caused death to anyone who saw it after only a week after the viewing.

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