The Hateful Eight is pirated before its release in theaters

Director Quentin Tarantino has not much luck in terms of his eighth film, “The Hateful Eight”. Perhaps the term “damn movie” could go well the project has already begun reluctantly after the initial script in hand of one of its narrowest collaborators.

The Hateful Eight

The tantrum that took then made him talk of his retirement from cinema. Finally he reconsidered, counted to ten, remade the script as he could and pulled him forward filming in 70 mm, with the intention of giving their fans a great film dish to enjoy at Christmas.

There came the second bad leg, and the fact is that it coincided in dates with the mastodon of ‘Star Wars Episode 7’, and enjoying the leftovers in relation to large screens in cinemas in the United States.

But as “there is no two without three”, now also film was strained on the Internet with one quality more than acceptable to cause a noticeable decline in film box office revenue. That is, the prefect disaster for the last western of Tarantino, a film that came after ‘Django Unchained’.

The numbers of illegal downloading figures are already around one million, i.e. a large number of tickets that were never sold. It is not the first time it happens in Hollywood. Movies like ‘X Men Origins: Wolverine’ or the last one of the Mercenaries of Stallone came to Internet before that to the cinemas.

The copy of the film comes from the distributed to academics of Hollywood in the face of the Oscar nominations for 2016. A big blow for all of them, since its arrival in theaters around the world usually concerning the same dates (to be fresh in the public’s memory and this way to be provided with major popular support ahead of the nominations of the coveted film awards).

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