The girl on the train: Intense first trailer with Emily Blunt and Rebbeca Ferguson

Released the first trailer for the film The Girl on the Train in which appears the actress Emily Blunt as the protagonist of the film. A more than expected project rolled several times in the choice of its main cast. And now revving up ahead of her debut in cinema.

the girl on the train

The cast also find names like Rebecca Ferguson, whom we saw as female lead in ‘Mission Impossible 5’ with Tom Cruise. In addition to continuing further into the aforementioned action franchise. The actor Justin Theroux arrived to replace Chris Evans, who left the project for questions of agenda (his tight Marvel schedule sometimes prevents him to accept very interesting work, as is in this case). The project of ‘The Girl on the Train’ is completed with names like Hayley Bennet and Tate Taylor.

The main argument of the film ‘The Girl on the Train’ is presented as follows: Rachel always take the train at 8.04 h. Every morning the same: the same landscape, the same houses … and the same stop at the red signal. They are only seconds, but allow you to observe a leisurely breakfast on the terrace partner. Who knows and feels about invented names for them: Jess and Jason. Her life is perfect, not like yours.

But one day see something. It happens so fast, but it’s enough. What if Jess and Jason are not as happy as they think? What if nothing is what it seems?

Its world premiere is scheduled for October.

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