The film Wolverine 3 will begin in January 2016

The film ‘Wolverine 3’ gearing towards its shooting. The filmmaker James Mangold, recently confirmed for providing direction, also confirmed the launch of the process from next month of January 2016.

wolverine 3

It also confirms another fact is that Hugh Jackman will be within ‘X MEN Apocalypse’, since it will condition its work agenda to further add to that filming the third monograph film about mutant claws of adamantium.

The world premiere of ‘Wolverine 3’ is scheduled for March 3, 2017. It follows speculating the possibility that the actor Patrick Stewart is part of the cast in the role of Charles Xavier, however, in its most veteran version. So we could get an idea of the temporary location of the film, likely continuing the last monographic film and step forward following the events of the third group film directed by Bryan Singer.

Another point of interest, although much more remote at least for now is the presence of actor Robert Downey Jr to give life to Iron Man in a unique cross of arguments in film (singular for the complication posed by which licenses of cinematographic exploitation of Iron Man and Wolverine are owned by Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox respectively). Although the “rapprochement” between Marvel and Sony for Spiderman can be in ‘Captain America 3 Civil War’, make fans believe that everything is possible.

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