The actor Edward Herrmann died at age 71 from cancer

The veteran actor Edward Hermann has just died, 71 years old and because of a brain tumor that had been fighting against several months. He died in a hospital in New York after his family decided disconnect the service of assisted ventilation, as reported by TMZ.

edward herrmann

With an extensive cinematographic career as secondary, we remind you by roles such as ‘The Purple Rose of Cairo’ or TV series ‘Gilmore Girls’. As in several episodes of “How I Met Your Mother’. He also lent his voice for Martin Scorsese ‘The Wolf of Wall Street”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Within the film science fiction and horror also remember him for playing the evil leader of the group of killer vampires of the movie ‘The Lost Boys’, directed by Joel Schumacher in 1987. A success of the genre and a cult film in the eighties.

At the top we can see exactly a video clip from the movie ‘Lost Boys’, with one of the most memorable scenes of the character played by Edward Hermann. Together with a remarkable cast of actors well-known in the eighties of the last century.

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