Star Wars Episode 7 exceeds one billion at the box office in record time

The second week of screenings of the film Star Wars Episode 7 continues to generate a lot of joy to their producers. After just two full weeks of projection, it approaches the top position in the world in 2015, besides having plenty of opportunities to snatch ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron’s on first historic place.

Star Wars Episode 7

Today it just passed the figure of one billion dollars in record time. Specifically, it is now more than 1,090 million as of December 27, i.e., in the twelfth day of its release in movie theaters.

All waiting to see what happens in China, a country which will debut on 9 January 2016. A territory in which, probably, it will also mark a truly enviable fact within the big blockbusters of Hollywood.

In addition ‘Star Wars Episode 7’ is the biggest premiere in IMAX format in its early days, with 48 million dollars.

The next immediate slat is leaving behind ‘Jurassic World’ ranking in worldwide box office, currently located in the figure of 1,600 million. Then take the plunge and rise above ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron, fulfilling the forecasts that placed in fact above 3,000 million.

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