Spectacular official trailer of Star Wars Episode 7

Released the first official trailer of the film Star Wars Episode 7. A very powerful initial video featuring numerous details of action directed by JJ Abrams. With the revision of classics like the legendary Millennium Falcon and X-WING. Passing by the famous lightsaber, now become quite a sword cross, as we see in the final part of trailer.

Star Wars Episode 7

The highly anticipated initial video does not disappoint at all the millions of fans who were waiting for the opening scenes of the seventh episode of the series created by George Lucas. Offer the thrilling view of JJ Abrams. Which already got out of the trunk of oblivion to another space series, Star Trek, now showing maneuvers of the legendary ship Millennium Falcon doing all kinds of stunts and risky maneuvers, almost at ground in desert area while fighting with a squad of imperial fighters.

We can also go see several main characters of the film. As the actor Oscar Isaac, driving also so extremely reckless an X-WING, plus a squadron captain of the famous aircraft of the rebellion.

Within the first trailer remain to see several of the main characters. And perhaps the most anticipated. As for example to Harrison Ford in the role of Han Solo, as well as others who are presumed as of great importance, as for example Lupita Nyong’o.

Recall that the world premiere of ‘Star Wars Episode 7: The Awakened Force’ is scheduled for December 18, 2015. So begins a true marathon so that perpetrators have the film completed in the best conditions in almost record time.

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