Spectacular first trailer of Mission Impossible 5 Rogue Nation

Then came the spectacular first trailer for the action film ‘Mission Impossible 5’, with the subtitle of Rogue Nation, Tom Cruise shows a totally relentless, performing stunts increasingly caught even a military transport plane. A great clip of advancement to the next installment of the series.

Mission Impossible 5

A powerful video that leads us to the action of the popular spy plot with Tom Cruise in front of the cast. Truly tireless, with over half a century behind, he is capable of anything to get offer increased risk of the current film scenes. As he shown dangling from a military transport aircraft in one of the captures of major impact of the movie.

It’s a hard-hitting video in which either are missing usual car chase scenes, now also with the addition of several bouts on the backs of powerful motorcycles. And how could it be otherwise, also with Tom Cruise in front of them.

Now Tom Cruise’s character, Ethan Hunt, will have to move outside the law, and in the wake of the events described in the first film. A return to the origins? This time there is also a director of the CIA who walks behind him.

We can also see the presentation of the main characters. With Simon Pegg who returns to action in his role with eminently comic tone. As well as the continuation of Jeremy Renner, after his debut in ‘Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol’. Another actor who is also missing in action is Ving Rhames, who returns to action after a cameo at the end of the fourth film in the long series.

The world premiere of ‘Mission Impossible 5’ arises by July 31. After overtake about five months for “suggestions” from JJ Abrams, the film’s producer as well as director of ‘Star Wars Episode 7’ (its premiere is set in December), preventing both straps to lose its long-awaited share of box office.

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