Spectacular detailed picture of Batman costume in Batman Vs Superman

The new suit of Batman arrives in detail. Which we see in the film ‘Batman Vs Superman’ and collecting the film witness left by Christopher Nolan trilogy. Of course, now with less purely practical and returning to the essence of the classic comic book elements.

batman costume

With the actor Ben Affleck also picking up the baton left by Christian Bale, and incidentally trying to overcome a ribbon that was very, very high, with one of the best adaptations of the adventures of the Dark Knight of Gotham that are remembered, at least in recent times.

The new suit could already be seen in the first official trailer, released over the weekend. But now it is when we see the detail of the same image. The new suit remains faithful to the plot developed by Frank Miller for his novel about the popular characters from DC, with the confrontation between Batman and Superman. It remains to see the armor with which Batman will face the Man of Steel in one of the confrontations that arise as crucial in the development of a plot that for now still shows many unknowns.

The first official trailer for ‘Batman Vs Superman’ leaked during the past weekend, prompting a hasty official presentation by the study. Then we can enjoy the clip in question, or breakthrough for what we hope is the prompt publication of the full trailer. May be now with the presence of Lex Luthor or Wonder Woman, third member of the Justice League which provides the main cast.

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