Rosamund Pike could also return to Jack Reacher 2 with Tom Cruise

The name of Rosamund Pike also sounded recently to play the female lead of the next adventure of Batman, just opposite to Ben Affleck. Now back with Tom Cruise in ‘Jack Reacher 2’, thriller in which the actor also meets with Christopher McQuarrie, although now not as a director but as co-writer and producer.

Rosamund Pike in Jack Reacher 2

The argument of the aftermath will take Jack Reacher to Virginia, to meet with an old friend of the United States Army. Once there he was arrested with a false charge. Her friend seems to be involved in the case.

With this argument remains to be seen the way in which reclose the role of Rosamund Pike. Remember who played an idealistic lawyer who looked fully involved in a tricky case involving a massacre allegedly developed by a sniper. Perhaps through a cameo, but almost everything is concrete about it.

The shooting of ‘Jack Reacher 2’ would begin in October, so that Tom Cruise can still synchronize his different projects such as proceed with the Mission Impossible series or ‘Top Gun 2’.

Tom Cruise also plans to put hands to work with ‘Edge of Tomorrow 2’, along with Emily Blunt.

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