REC 4: Apocalypse – The movie

Back in 2007, Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero premiered REC, a horror film directed four hands. Seven years later and 3 movies behind him, who have been taking turns in direction, Balaguero gives an end to the series with REC 4: Apocalypse, with which, they say, we will have an answer.

REC 4: Apocalypse

REC 4: Apocalypse puts us right at the end of the plot of the first film, where the journalist Angela Vidal, the only survivor of a terrible infection and evacuated a building. However, while the situation appears to be controlled, chaos returns to disaster and unborn reborn adopting new and terrible ways.

The Director
The Passion of Jaume Balaguero by horror films comes from long. Jaume Balaguero took his first steps into the cinema with the short film ‘Alice’, big winner of the Sitges Festival in 1994. His second short, ‘Days without light’, would establish the bases of his style and would open the door to him to shoot his first feature film.

Thus in 1999 came ‘The Nameless’, a horror film which starred Emma Vilarasau, Karra Elejalde and Tristan Ulloa and came to be released in France, Italy, South Korea and Slovenia.

In 2007, and again by Paco Plaza, would usher in the series REC and reach international fame thanks to this series would continue in 2009 with REC 2 and now ends with REC 4: Apocalypse.

The cast
In REC 4: Apocalypse, Jaume Balaguero retrieves Manuela Velasco, which was the absolute star of the first installment of the series. It was this movie its grand entrance into the world of cinema is that, although she had done some other movies since childhood intervention- there is her small role in ‘Law of Desire’ (Pedro Almodovar, 1987) when she was 12 years; it was not until 2007 when she began to recognize as an actress to follow in cinema.

Alongside to Manuela Velasco, a cast composed of actors that used to seeing in supporting roles. Thus, we stumbled upon it always sober Hector Colome, which we have seen in recent years in movies by Daniel Sanchez Arevalo; Crispulo Cabezas, who made his film debut in 1998 with ‘neighborhood’, best known for his work as a child in different television series.

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