Power Rangers: First official image of Rita Repulse in action

The new image of the film ‘Power Rangers’ comes just hours after the first official posters of each of the main characters of the film were launched. Perhaps also waiting on what happens in the coming days, such as the San Diego Comic Con 2016, with the first official trailer for the anticipated film adaptation of one of the arguments most striking of recent times fiction.

Power Rangers

The first official overview of the long-awaited film adaptation of ‘Power Rangers’ argument arrives as well: “the story follows five high school students, to be transformed into something extraordinary when they learn that their small town – Angel Grove – and the rest of the world are point to be removed by a terrible alien threat.

Chosen by destiny, heroes quickly discover that they are the only ones who can save the planet. But this will have to overcome their problems of real life and grouped as Power Rangers before it’s too late.

The character of Rita Repulsa is now interpreted by the actress Elizabeth Banks. That with this role gives an interesting twist within her film career. After extremely varied titles.

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