Power Rangers: First image of Zordon as an alien

The film ‘Power Rangers’ will feature notable changes from what described the classic TV series. A powerful upgrade of its central argument, as we see in the character Zordon, one of the main plot developed for the occasion.

power rangers zordon

Continue developments in the film ‘Power Rangers’, about the images of conceptual art for the title directed by Dean Israelite. In which we see the leader of the group, Zordon, as an alien. As already had speculated for weeks when leaked some sketches of the main synopsis inside the script developed by Ashley MIller and Zack Stenz.

The film produced by Lionsagate and Saban continues to face the start of shooting. In expectation of seeing direct notions in the set, present new shots of conceptual art with Zordon. A refreshing approaches clearly renewal if we bear in mind the classic face shown in the television series.

In the first synopsis Zordon talked about as an alien who fought for the survival of the human race since prehistoric times. Including trips in time and other twists of interest within their science fiction theme.

The new main cast continues its approach of young Hollywood names, virtually unknown to the general public, and also keeping the names of the characters in the TV series.

The world premiere of the film ‘Power Rangers’ is set for January 13, 2017. Very unusual dates for a Hollywood blockbuster, so it would not be surprise that will change significantly as the project crystallize.

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