Peter Jackson could work with James Cameron on Avatar 2

Filmmaker Peter Jackson collaborated with James Cameron in some parts of the film Avatar, the highest grossing film in history of cinema. Now the possibility that such collaboration reissue the sequel, with ‘Avatar 2’ and ‘Avatar 3’, that are found in development.


James Cameron goes ahead with the project ‘Avatar 2’, which will include filming the third installment in a row. Within its usual statements about the film, it added an element of interest. Such as Peter Jackson’s participation in some phases of the first delivery. To show one of the suggestions of the New Zealand filmmaker for the outcome of the film.

Let us also remember that James Cameron and Peter Jackson collaborated to Avatar with the study of digital effects director of the trilogy ‘The Lord of the Rings’, which now is located at the gateway to release the third and final film in the trilogy ‘The Hobbit’.

The rumors about Peter Jackson collaboration with James Cameron are still undefined. And maybe do not even get to appear in the credits, but it certainly is an important interest for the series set on the planet Pandora. Which managed to completely revolutionize the global film box office, placing a lot away from the second most successful film at the international box office, ‘Titanic’, also directed by James Cameron himself.

By now one of the names already confirmed within the cast of ‘Avatar 2’ is to Sigourney Weaver, as she announced last July. Making it clear that James Cameron is planning an interesting twist for his role after the events depicted in the first film.

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