Paranormal Activity 5 will also be released in 3D

The film Paranormal Activity 5 marked its world premiere date for March 13, 2015. With one of the horror projects most closely watched in recent years. Now also its 3D version is published. Looking for even more to terrorize their millions of fans.

Paranormal Activity 5

The world premiere of Paranormal Activity 5 is marked for March 13, 2015. Ahead significantly from the first date announced for the month of October next year.

The series of horror film created by Oren Peli still in good health in their successive deliveries. Now also a new extra for the millions of fans is announced. Its 3D version. To continue terrifying us one more year.

Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark repeated as screenwriters of the film. In order to return to the origins of the franchise. It is also expected that the actress Katie Featherston continue in it. Being one of the main references of the series from beginning (although not being a part of the same one in all its deliveries). Nor have any data about her specific role in it.

Recall that the Paranormal Activity series began in a very modest way in terms of budget, as an independent horror film, very low cost (less than $ 100,000) and rose as one of the most profitable films of all time sweeping theaters around the world with such an original and criticized approach. A great viral phenomenon that started this concept in the modern cinema.

Within the film’s plot, a couple experiencing paranormal events at home decides to record everything that happens in their home in order to clarify what happens. With this exposition there was appearing a truly worrying history that captivated the public was displayed.

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