New action poster of San Andreas with Dwayne Johnson

Comes a new poster for the action thriller film ‘San Andreas’ starring Dwayne Johnson. Now we can see him hanging by a rescue helicopter, highly consistent with the argument directed by Brad Peyton.

san andreas new poster

A new blockbuster from natural disasters which now takes us to the hypothetical and dreaded “big one”, i.e., the great earthquake which could collapse completely, the Californian West Coast because of the fracture of the San Andreas fault. With the titanic Actor Dwayne Johnson as the protagonist. Inside one of the most common roles in his recent movies.

The cast offers interesting names. Such as actress Carla Gugino, who plays wife in distress. As Alexandra Daddario, in the role of her daughter, also waiting for her brave father come to its salvation within one of the greatest catastrophes that man recalls.

Inside the main cast of ‘San Andreas’ also found the singer and actress Kylie Minogue, who returns to cinema after a long hiatus although we could see her in ‘Holy Motors’ and ‘Jack and Diane’.

As we say the film is directed by Brad Peyton, with a large number of genre films. The main cast of the film is completed with names like Archie Panjabi, Hugo Johnstone-Burt, Art Parkinson or Ioan Gruffudd, among other names.

The theatrical release is scheduled for next May. Remarkably anticipation of to the summer’s big blockbuster movie. Although face meeting with ‘The Avengers 2’ of Marvel. Quite a challenge, no doubt.

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