Million Dollar Arm: The worst face of Disney

‘Million Dollar Arm’, directed by Craig Gillespie is one of the largest cases of deception in recent months. The director is interesting enough to give him a vote of confidence, and what he has showed us is his entire and absolute selling to the mainstream and the most conservative and tendentious Disney ideology. The cast is full of actors’ solvents, more than that. Let us note: Jon Hamm, Bill Paxton and Alan Arkin. It is sufficient to justify the viewing of the film, and even the payment of an entry.

Million Dollar Arm

The story is well kneaded in American cinema and it’s believed global superiority. A sports agent, to the brink of ruin, the India cricket leagues just the perfect players for his baseball team. Two kids who know poverty and injustice of this world firsthand. But nothing happens. The great Yankee society opens its doors to see their personal dreams fulfilled, however, in their world of lollipop, rainbow, happy princes and other elements of the American way of life today. Based on true events, eye.

John Hamm, actor much admired by the TV series ‘Mad Men’, puts the autopilot to give life to JB, said sports agent, who loves to live well with a cool car. But it will have to start changing life style if he does not want turn in the complete ruin. One night, making zapping, have a vision, organize a contest- the ‘Million Dollar Arm’ of the original title and contrive to convince investors and sports scouts, thus returning to the crest of the wave.

Dangerous ideology
Hackneyed after hackneyed in a film whose intentions I guess not bad, but whose subtext, read produced by Disney, a shameless and presumptuous righteousness and ethics of the Yankee against the rest of the planet, in the typical practice of snake who eating its tail. Money can not buy happiness and less important for friends, love and the people who need you. Okay. Bravo. Applause. If someone wants to get excited, can also. But the money never ceases to be the goal for the protagonist. Foreseeable change in attitude takes too long to arrive.

So we have two long hours of movie where the only salvageable are the three players mentioned, and why Hamm strives not least. But see walking through the film to Bill Paxton and Alan Arkin in secondary roles is a cinephile pleasure. Both with a professionalism and good to do that they are scare, able to doing attractive and interesting soulless characters. For Arkin witnessed an impeccable work-stealing plane left with his mouth open. Fleeting character, with experience in tow element which comes into the hands of Arkin make you feel something. Attributable to the actor, not the script or the direction.

The other interesting times Craig Gillespie is lost in a staging that goes purely telefilm the merely conventional. In every plane has a corresponding reverse shot more than expected, and the mount is one of those “by order, that we lose ourselves”. The director showed some freshness making Ryan Gosling fell in love with a doll, handling thorny issues or uncomfortable, it becomes here of the more conventional.

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