Ken Jeong in the first trailer for The Duff

There comes the first trailer for the comedy movie “The Duff”. Set in the student days of a youth group. Counting with actor Ken Jeong in its main cast. One of the greatest comedians of screening in Hollywood. With her respective roles in ‘Hangover Part III’ or in the third film of the series of Michael Bay’s Transformers.

The Duff

‘The Duff’ argument thus arises: Bianca is a bright high school student whose world falls from grace when her fellow designated it as “Duff”, i.e., the ugly fat friend. All her friends are prettier and popular among boys. What makes Bianca is raised seriously change of direction in her life.

The world premiere of The Duff is scheduled for late next year 2015. Although so far we have confirmed its debut on screens.

With ‘The Duff’ seems to be that marks the return of the comedies of institute. A sub-genre certainly forgotten in recent years.

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