Jurassic World is the best USA release since Avatar

The figures from the blockbuster movie “Jurassic World” still give many joys to Spielberg and other producers. Now also it’s become the best theatrical release in the United States since the brutal irruption of ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron in 2009.

Jurassic World

The action and adventure movie Jurassic World is the highest grossing of the year 2015 (with permission of ‘Star Wars Episode 7’) and it is also the third highest income of all time. Within its revenue in the United States is also irrefutable data. Since more than 643 million euro in USA. A figure that failed to achieve major blockbusters like ‘The Avengers’ of Marvel, which in 2012 stood at 623 million dollars. Or even the farewell of the saga of Harry Potter, in 2011 remained at 381 million dollars.

Within the US top ‘Avatar’ is still very present, with 749 million in its cinemas. Released in 2009. And to find the following one that overcomes ‘Jurassic World’ we have to go until the year 1997, with ‘Titanic’, also of James Cameron.

‘Jurassic World’ accumulated 1.667 billion dollars worldwide. And no doubt it will be complicated to ‘Star Wars Episode 7’.

Meanwhile ‘Jurassic World 2’ is a project already underway. For which we will also return to its protagonists. With Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard as head of production. All with the intention of forming a new saga that allow you to further monetize the great success of the Jurassic cinematic universe that has just started, or better said, to revive.

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