Johnny Galecki it joins the cast of The Ring 3

Actor Johnny Galecki was just added to the main cast of the horror film ‘The Ring 3’, continuing saga that brought the Western market a classic Japanese cinema. In Naomi Watts also repeated his iconic role.

Johnny Galecki

Johnny Galecki is the new face of the main cast of ‘The Ring 3’, following the famous horror franchise starring Naomi Watts. Now the beautiful actress is also part of the cast. Following an argument and develop it thirteen years after the last delivery.

For now there are not many details about the character of Johnny Galecki. The movie ‘The Ring 3’ is currently underway in Atlanta. Alex Roe and Matilda Lutz are also attached to the main cast. The premiere of the new release is scheduled for next November, so the process of shooting and postproduction can not be delayed too.

The presence of Naomi Watts could also be more relevant than expected, especially if we nexus with the first two installments, especially the distance that exists between them and the third production that seeks to reclaim the eastern horror remastered for Hollywood in 2002.

Meanwhile Johnny Galecki follows the huge success of the television series ‘The Big Bang Theory’, being one of the best paid Hollywood actors along with several of his fellow cast.

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