Jennifer Lopez wants to play a superheroine of DC Comics

Jennifer Lopez wants to join the long list of actresses who have been part of numerous comic book adaptations have been released in recent years and are expected to see the light in theaters worldwide by the year 2018.

jennifer lopez

In a recent meeting with reporters, she said her interest. And more specifically to work within Warner – with DC Comics. “It would be truly amazing”, said Jennifer Lopez. To which she also said “I do not know why anyone has not thought of the possibility”.

This way of effusive we find Jennifer Lopez at the possibility of participating in a comic book movie. She also took the opportunity to send a message to the directors of Warner to think about a role for her in one of the many films that the studio prepared with DC Comics.

Just a few months ago DC Comics and Warner announced its tight schedule of film releases. With a good number of new series to take forward projects with some of their most emblematic projects.

What role we could see for Jennifer Lopez? Confirmed a possible arrival – very remote for now – she could even work with her ex-husband Ben Affleck, the new Batman movie within the movie (or two films) for ‘Batman Vs Superman’, whose shooting ended a few weeks ago and with its trailer to point released in cinemas – or that hope.

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