Intense second trailer of the Maze Runner 2 with the attack of the zombies

Comes a new trailer for the action and science fiction movie ‘Maze Runner 2’, in which present the first zombies that will seriously endanger the group of survivors led by character of the actor Dylan Obrien. A powerful sequel that promises to arouse much interest.

The Maze Runner 2

The trailer comes after the good reception of the first twenty minutes of footage screened at the recent Comic Con 2015 in San Diego. Leading up to what is clearly the achievement of a trilogy.

The first installment of the series that leads to a new apocalyptic future exceeded the figure of $340 million in worldwide box office. A quantity that seemed more than acceptable for the study. Although that was not counted for the launch of the sequel, officially announced in the calendar even several weeks before its world debut in cinema theaters.

The argument of ‘Maze Runner 2’ arrives as well: The maze was just the beginning. Solve the maze was supposed to be the end. No more tests, no more escapes. Thomas believed that leaving meant that all regain their lives, but none knew what kind of life was returning. Dry and charred, much of the land is unusable territory. The sun burns, governments have fallen and a mysterious disease has gradually been taking over people.

Its causes are unknown; its result, the madness. In a place infested of misery and ruin, and where people have gone mad and wanders in search of victims, Thomas meets a girl, Brenda, who has contracted the disease and be on the verge of succumbing to its effects.

It is also pending details on the next installment of the series. End of it.

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