Independence Day 2: Will Smith could surprise with a cameo in the sequel

The actor Will Smith played the pilot of the United States Air Force Steven Hiller in the first film in the ‘Independence Day’ series. His name is also expected within of the sequel to next release, but finally was not formalized an agreement for this.

Independence Day 2

The plot of ‘Independence Day 2’ does not have him in the main cast, but now the door opens to a cameo.

“We may have surprises with Hiller”, said Roland Emmerich himself a few weeks ago in a fan event. At that time was not given more relevance to the comment, but in the last few days, the return of Will Smith is seen as one of the most striking points of the plot.

Thanks to a viral site premiered with the film know that the absence of the character of Steven Hiller of the sequel is now explained by his tragic death in a plane crash while testing the weapons items developed by the new Earth protection force.

They created from advanced technology obtained from alien invaders from the original tape of the nineties, in the year 1997. The death would have occurred in 2007. That is, with this framework we know the time the land army was able to synthesize these developments.

Synopsis of ‘Independence Day 2’ arrives as follows: “We always knew that the movie ‘Independence Day’ redefined the genre of action and destruction film. The next chapter in the epic saga will take us on an unimaginable scale. Humanity managed to rescue a good amount of extraterrestrial technology, thanks to which developed highly advanced weapons to be cautious in face of a possible new attack. The governments of the different countries on Earth developed a plan for major defense. But will soon be a new attack, decades after the first, but on a scale that will force us to redefine everything we had as true until now”.

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