Hulk and Bruce Banner may be encountered in Thor 3 Ragnarok

Hulk’s character is becoming very relevant in the future of the Marvel cinematic universe. In addition to comments about his presence in ‘The Avengers 3‘, also cast his arrival at Thor 3 Ragnarok as co-star of the plot. Now the actor Mark Ruffalo also said a truly curious fact which could mean a shift of interest in its development so far.

hulk and bruce banner

Now Mark Ruffalo talks about his character, or rather on their characters. He said that we would like to see them both on screen at once, i.e., a kind of split Bruce Banner and Hulk, something that would motivate a highly appealing twist to the main plot.

“I am very excited to follow with this role. I see a large space for it and to grow in the remaining arguments. I feel that there are plenty of interesting things to explore further the relationship especially with Banner and Hulk. Hopefully we will see both of them in a scene together. Something that would be great”.

With these words Mark Ruffalo opens a possibility of appeal to the argument of Thor 3 Ragnarok, in which Hulk will be the co-star next to Thor. Perhaps a split produced by the advanced science of Asgard, within the powerful argument of the film which will be shot from next midyear 2016 in Australian land.

Already in the comics, particularly in the issue number 315 of The Incredible Hulk, the psychiatrist Doc Samson said the possibility that Hulk and Dr. Banner could be face to face within a certain hypnotic process, concluding that Banner was a conscious entity within Hulk when unleashed its force. A risky theory that would be outstanding fit into the main plot.

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