Gugu Mbatha Raw at the gates of Star Wars Episode 8

The main cast of the movie ‘Star Wars Episode 8’ continues as the director Rian Johnson puts the cameras rolling in Irish land. Now it could be brewing a major additions, actress Gugu Mbatha Raw, whom we have seen in films like ‘Jupiter Ascending’. Come to occupy one of the leading roles in the film.

Gugu Mbatha Raw

Precisely, the director commented a few days ago that the cast was still shutting down, also in the absence of the finishing touches to the script. So no hope substantial innovations within a week at least.

Another names already confirmed for the eighth chapter of the series is that Benicio del Toro. At first it was speculated that he occupy the role of villain, but the actor goes a few days playing to the absent-mindedness being out of line then confirm the nature of his role again in the argument.

The film premiere of ‘Star Wars Episode 8′ is on 26 May 2017. Following the lead of Lucasfilm (owned by Disney) of space with at least two years each of the installments of the saga. Seasoning the calendar of “anthologies” or spinoffs (such as’Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’) in the intervening years to the principal.

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