Ghost in the Shell will be a trilogy with Scarlett Johansson

The film ‘Ghost in the Shell’ is presented as an interesting production of science fiction and adventure that will have Scarlett Johansson in a new role within the genre, after playing in the film Black Widow Marvel universe (one of the most representative the same from the beginning). A more interesting project that takes shape thanks to the remarkable budget with which Rupert Sanders will be provided for the direction.

Ghost in the Shell

Now the project would stand as a trilogy with a lapse of two years between each of them. All depend on the outcome of the box office, but with names like Avi Arad and Steven Spielberg involved in the film; there are many expectations in this regard.

One of the most recent information that has come spoke about the main wardrobe of the protagonist. It would be very different from the original comic in which if it inspired the story. “At least it will not show as much as in some phases of the original work “, it states from sources of production. This change could be motivated to fit into a band of younger, or perhaps avoid R rating, which would undermine significantly the revenues at the box office blockbuster, whose budget is estimated around $ 160 million.

The previous projects of Scarlett Johansson in Marvel recently spoke about the possibility of her monographic film ‘Black Widow’ will be shot even after ‘Ghost in the Shell’, but for now seems a very remote project if we take into account the extensive career of Johansson in Marvel, and as well as the departure of many actors after ‘The Avengers 3’.

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