Gambit shooting begins in October with Channing Tatum as protagonist

The shooting of ‘Gambit’ begins October in New Orleans. The launch of the film in the monograph film about the famous character from the X MEN also bring together a number of actors in the production, whose argument narrate us some scraps derived about the events described in ‘X MEN Apocalypse’.

gambit shooting

But for now there are no details about the cameos from other characters within the film. Yes it seems to be clear is that gambit will be on ‘X MEN Apocalypse’, judging by the latest images we have seen of the set, with Channing Tatum and Bryan Singer in the film set.

After this announcement confirms the advancement of the process of shooting. Perhaps with the intention of consolidating all Marvel sagas in 20th Century Fox. Despite the strenuous efforts of the study led by Kevin Feige to retrieve some of their most representative franchises.

In the picture above we see Bryan Singer and Channing Tatum on the set of ‘X MEN Apocalypse’. Both were also present in the recent Comic Con 2015 in San Diego. With other actors from the different movies of the X MEN universe, such as Deadpool.

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