From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl: Trailer and poster for the film with zombies and Wrestling

There are movies that are slow to get ahead, but it is usually a result of any producer is finished to encourage green-light the project. More rare is a film work begins pre-production and take several years to reach theaters, but that is precisely what has happened in the case of From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl (Daniel Armstrong, 2014), a film that mixes zombies and ‘Wrestling’ of which now so bring its poster and trailer.

From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl

Go back until 2008 to find the time in which began to speak of it, but the process was complicated and until the 10 January 2015 not your first screening will take place. What is its argument? A girl set the goal to become a professional wrestler after watching his father die during a match, but will have to overcome several obstacles to this end, emphasizing among them a horde of zombies that threatens to wipe out humanity.

Directed by Daniel Armstrong, the fact is that in its cast who will recognize the singer Jenna Dwyer or Emma-Louise Wilson, seen in the British sitcom ‘Utopia’ series with nothing to do with the same title that David Fincher will adapt in the American television.

It is clear that the trailer not invited to think about a great movie, but from time to time like to get out of the usual and draw attention to the curious titles like this.

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