Focus confirms its success in the American premiere leading the box office

The film ‘Focus’, starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie, get a wide release in movie theaters in the United States. Leading the weekend box office and strengthening its equal protagonist facing the next project in shooting: ‘Suicide Squad’, which are within the main cast.

focus box office

‘Secret Service’ remains in second place, it’s Last week in theaters in the United States. With $11.7 million partial and large accumulated 85.6 million since its release in USA.

The cinematic adventures of SpongeBob remain in the top third place with $11.2 million and a cumulative total since its debut in the United States of 140.3 million. Excellent result for the children’s production that features a cast including the Spanish actor Antonio Banderas.

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ falls to fourth, losing three since last week. Now with a partial close to eleven million dollars. However continues its grand total of over $147.7 million, the highest grossing both globally and in the country.

‘The Lazarus Effect’, horror thriller starring Olivia Wilde, premiered in the United States occupying fifth place with $10.6 million of revenue in the country.

‘McFarland’ is now in sixth place with $7.7 million in the last weekend in the United States. Its total revenue is 21.9 million. In seventh place we find ‘American Sniper’, which seems not to notice the popularity of the Oscar, and left with $7.6 million. Yes, accumulating nothing more and nothing less than 331.1 million since its release in US theaters.

‘The DUFF’ closes in eighth place with a partial $7.1 million and a cumulative total of 20.1. The drama movie ‘Still Alice’ is the only film that managed to return its result in the Hollywood Oscar 2015 (with Julianne Moore awarded as best actress). At least that is clear from its rise to ninth place. With 2.6 million dollars in partial and an accumulated since its premiere in the United States is $ 11.9 million.

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