First official image of Ant Man villain

The news about the film ‘Ant Man’. Now, with the first official image of the villain of the production directed by Peyton Reed within the Marvel cinematic universe. With Yellow Jacket in action.

Ant Man villain

Its advanced suit ready to put things very complicated Scott Lang, character played by the actor Paul Rudd, who made his debut in the cinematic universe of the study led by Kevin Feige, with his adventures ready to debut in cinemas from next August. An interesting project to accompany the ambitious ‘The Avengers 2’, whose premiere is scheduled for next May. In order to sweep the global film box office.

‘Ant Man’ also comes after a turbulent start of production. With several changes in the choice of its chief conductor included. Something that put into question is the filming and release dates, but were finally dispelled with a quick reaction from Marver to find new accountable to its main technical team.

Kevin Feige, producer of all the Marvel movies – those generated in the matrix study – confirmed that the departure of Edgar Wright was causes by “deep discrepancies in the way that Ant Man should take in the final argument of the film”. His script was revised up and down and hinted the total elimination of the work of Wright.

Also recently released the first official trailer of ‘Ant Man’, both in its original version. Although we are still waiting to be able to appreciate the villain in action.

Everything indicates that ‘Ant Man’ count on a sequel to the eye. But for that we’ll have to wait to see it future in the global box office, a powerful indicative for any continuation.

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