Fantastic Four will also carry classic costumes

The actor Miles Teller spoke again on the highly anticipated film ‘Fantastic Four’. With a full-fledged reboot even affect the costumes of superheroes. Although also clarified that there will be space for the classics.

fantastic four costume

There is least for the premiere of the resumption of ‘Fantastic Four’. After spreading its first trailer we found that changing the clothing of the characters is remarkable. Leaving behind the colorful approach of the comics or two earlier films produced by 20th Century Fox (in which “Captain America” was Chris Evans as human Torch).

Although fans of the classic will not disenchanted, as the own thousands Teller confirmed that in addition to the so-called “containment suits” which helps them control their various special powers, also there will be space for classics created by Stan Lee in the original story.

And many fans were somewhat disappointed at not seeing the famous number four (4) printed on the chest of the superhero costumes.

Upon the filmmaker Josh Trank described his version of ‘Fantastic Four’ as “a darker movie”, perhaps with a view to a future connection with the production of Marvel and the drift that also seem to be taking the movies in the study directed by Kevin Feige.

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