Fantastic 4: Final assembly removed half of the action scenes and villains

The movie ‘Fantastic 4’ was a huge critical and box office disaster. Now also they get new data about the cuts that were made from the studio, leaving out more than half of the action scenes as well as the presence of new villains.

Fantastic 4 villain

The comic book ‘Fantastic 4’ was the first great success of Stan Lee as the creator of the comics. But his film career was never well at all. Now comes new data about the great blunder that led to its creation. Specifically in relation to the elimination of footage that could “have saved the film”.

Initially all the blame had fallen on the shoulders of Josh Trank (director who was completely forgotten by Hollywood after this resounding failure), but now it seems that the future of the film was marked by the cuts made from the studio.

So much so that would have eliminated more than half an hour of footage, including new villains who would have generated a lot of action scenes, with colossal confrontations with the group of superheroes and other characters from the Marvel universe.

The theatrical release of ‘Fantastic 4’ also came with some negative comments about its director, Josh Trank, who just in 48 hours issued a series of texts on social networks in which it was cutting off of the movie as well as throwing for ground its final quality.

For now there is nothing confirmed about the future of ‘Fantastic 4’ in the cinema. But it seems unlikely that we have news to within at least two or three years. Meanwhile the licenses Marvel exploited for 20th Century Fox continues with great health. As the X MEN with its main axis, and currently in the charts with ‘X MEN: Apocalypse’.

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