Exodus also leads the USA film of the weekend box office

The movie ‘Exodus’ by Ridley Scott and starring Christian Bale gets a huge success at the box office film in the United States. Leading the list of highest grossing revenue.


‘Exodus’ get a box office gross of $24.5 million in its first full weekend at the USA box office. Confirming its great international success.

Now ‘Mockingjay’ third part of the series ‘The Hunger Games’ is in second place with $13.2 million weekly partial. Adding to its grand total of 277.8 million dollars since its release in the United States.

‘Penguins of Madagascar’ are now in third place on the list with $7.3 million partially in cinema in the United States. With 58.8 million dollars since its release in theaters in the United States.

‘Top Five’, another week’s releases appear in the top 10 box office, debuted in fourth place with $7.2 million.

‘Big Hero 6’ is now left in fifth place in the list. With $6.1 million from the list of blockbuster. The first film from Pixar and Marvel accumulate their total income 185.3 million dollars.

‘Interstellar’, directed by Christopher Nolan, now ranks sixth of the highest grossing films in the United States. its partial remains at 5.5 million. While total remains $166.8 million.

‘Horrible Bosses 2’, sequel to the hit ensemble comedy, now marks the seventh place of the top with $ 4.6 million and a total of 43.6 million dollars.

“Dumb and Dumber To’ closes the week in the United States in eighth place on the list with $2.7 million and a cumulative total of 82.1 million since its release.

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