Delirious trailer of Zoolander 2 with the origin of the universe

There comes the first official trailer of the comedy movie ‘Zoolander 2’, with actor Ben Stiller, reprising one of his comic roles of greater impact in the genre. A clip that offers a phrase that evokes the voice of physics genius Stephen Hawking. I could not be two more different personalities.

zoolander 2

There could not be two more different personalities. A clip full of humor that takes us into the origin of the universe and … of the Brain of the inventor “Ice Blue” looks.

The shooting of the film was developed mostly in Rome, Italy. And as usual in the series, it featured a number of cameos. Such as the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. Not to mention the Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. All within an argument in which it also lack of the co-star, Owen Wilson.

The original draft of ‘Zoolander’ grossed nearly $60 million in the worldwide, with its premiere in 2001. The sequel had enough time to waiting to get the green light. Now Ben Stiller decided to move forward with the film.

The theatrical release of ‘Zoolander 2’ is scheduled for February 12, 2016. Everything after the first video preview of its shooting. It which was developed, as it could not be otherwise, within a glamorous parade of models.

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