Dazzler could also appear in X-Men: Apocalypse

The cast of characters from the movie ‘X-MEN Apocalypse’ could add a new name. It is Dazzler, female character would be within the argument directed by Bryan Singer and shooting will start within two months.


The origin of Dazzler, a character in the X-MEN, looks like this: Alison Blaire was born in Gardendale, New York. She is the daughter of Carter and Katherine Blaire. Her mutant powers manifested for the first time when she was in high school. As an aspiring singer, volunteered to perform a dance school. At that time her generative powers of light first appeared. Everyone in school was that it was technology generated by special effects, a common assumption among the people until she was revealed as a mutant later.

The name of Dazzler is artistic, and used by Alison to ascend within the music industry. For what she used her powers with light to improve her performances.

Alison meets the X-MEN in one of her shows, when such members were attacked by the group of The Hellfire Club. Angry by the disturbances in her show, Alison lashes out angrily against intruders. Alison then helps the X-Men in search of Kitty Pryde.

As we say, the powers of Dazzler focus in order to transform to her liking the sound and light. Faced with increased volume, the greater the power of the light generated from simple dazzling flashes until actual nuclear explosions. Dazzler can also generate holographic images with the light that generates.

The film ‘X-MEN Apocalypse’ is presented as the end of a new trilogy. Although for now is still talking about the possibility of a cross of arguments with the series ‘Fantastic 4’.

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