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Fantastic 4: Final assembly removed half of the action scenes and villains

Fantastic 4 villain

The movie ‘Fantastic 4’ was a huge critical and box office disaster. Now also they get new data about the cuts that were made from ... Read More »

Star Wars Episode 8: Shooting images with the British royal family

with british royal family

Continuing developments of the movie ‘Star Wars Episode 8’, now with the visit of several members of the British royal family. Those who shared a ... Read More »

Alan Rickman dies at age 69

Alan Rickman

The legendary actor Alan Rickman died at age 69 because of his cancer. He leaves a career with truly notable titles. Among which the Harry ... Read More »

Battle of the superhero movies in 2016


Superhero movies dominated the release schedule of summer 2015 and we’re set for more in the springtime of 2016. In early 2016, we’ll see the ... Read More »

The Hateful Eight is pirated before its release in theaters

The Hateful Eight

Director Quentin Tarantino has not much luck in terms of his eighth film, “The Hateful Eight”. Perhaps the term “damn movie” could go well the ... Read More »

xXx 3: Vin Diesel wants to Samuel L Jackson for the sequel

xXx 3

The film project ‘xXx 3’ follows up with Vin Diesel in front of the title role as production manager. After confirming the direction of DJ ... Read More »

Hulk and Bruce Banner may be encountered in Thor 3 Ragnarok

hulk and bruce banner

Hulk’s character is becoming very relevant in the future of the Marvel cinematic universe. In addition to comments about his presence in ‘The Avengers 3‘, ... Read More »

Transformers 5 will have three more sequels according to Hasbro

Transformers 5

Hasbro has just confirmed the launch of four films in the Transformers saga, starting with ‘Transformers 5’, with Michael Bay in direction. But also in ... Read More »

Rosamund Pike could also return to Jack Reacher 2 with Tom Cruise

Rosamund Pike in Jack Reacher 2

The name of Rosamund Pike also sounded recently to play the female lead of the next adventure of Batman, just opposite to Ben Affleck. Now ... Read More »

Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2 after Mission Impossible 5

tom cruise top gun 2

Actor Tom Cruise is planning to revive one of the most famous arguments of his film career. This is the franchise ‘Top Gun’, in which ... Read More »

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