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Zoolander 2: New Poster with Derek in the winter

Zoolander 2

Comes a new poster for the comedy movie ‘Zoolander 2’ with Ben Stiller in his famous character Derek, a brainless fashion model who now is ... Read More »

Delirious trailer of Zoolander 2 with the origin of the universe

zoolander 2

There comes the first official trailer of the comedy movie ‘Zoolander 2’, with actor Ben Stiller, reprising one of his comic roles of greater impact ... Read More »

Ashley Benson has her own game at Pixels

Ashley Benson

The film ‘Pixels’ is one of the most original in the cinema of fantasy and comedy proposals for the coming months. With a star-studded cast ... Read More »

First official image of Mark Wahlberg in Ted 2

ted 2 official image

Comes the first official image of the comedy film Ted 2. Starring Mark Wahlberg and by a friendly and evil-faced teddy bear to which the ... Read More »

Penelope Cruz joins the cast of Zoolander 2

Penelope Cruz

The comedy film “Zoolander 2” takes on new life with the arrival of actress Penelope Cruz to its main cast. With the push of the ... Read More »

Ken Jeong in the first trailer for The Duff

The Duff

There comes the first trailer for the comedy movie “The Duff”. Set in the student days of a youth group. Counting with actor Ken Jeong ... Read More »

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