Brutal explosions in new spot for Mad Max 4 Fury Road

Comes a new spot from the movie ‘Mad Max 4 Fury Road’, an action movie that takes us to a world in which all state structures have been demolished by a great cataclysm. In which prevails the brutality and cruelty of the strongest. In which the fuel is the most valuable resource on the planet, a planet completely dusty and off.

Mad Max Fury Road 4

In this context the protagonist appears, played by actor Tom Hardy, who takes over left by Mel Gibson in one of the most memorable series in the eighties of the last century. Precisely Gibson refused to take a cameo in the new action film, despite the insistence of director George Miller.

One of the last details that came about the film is that not fear censorship, since premiering with the R rating, i.e., not suitable for children under 17 years. This rating is a significant reduction in the potential box office, although a great freedom for the study face to the making of a film without restrictions, with the amount of violence that creative wish responsible for the project, as well as a truly rapid development.

Even if we consider the great results achieved by ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, a film which also received such status, may occasionally be better to have more creative freedom and skip the canons rather than self-censor.

Jokes aside, what is clear is that the new adventures of the Mad Max on the roads of a post-apocalyptic world will arrive with all the intensity that George Miller (director) raised from the outset.

Tom Hardy recently left the film ‘Squadron Suicide’ by David Ayer, just as the shooting was about to begin.

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