Battle of the superhero movies in 2016

Superhero movies dominated the release schedule of summer 2015 and we’re set for more in the springtime of 2016. In early 2016, we’ll see the release of Deadpool, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Captain America: Civil War – in February, March and May, respectively. And in each of the three movies, it’ll be superhero vs superhero, as Deadpool takes on Colossus, Batman – obviously – fights it out with Superman, and Captain America battles Ironman.


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But, looking forward to next year, which superhero battle movie is going to be the most satisfying to watch?

The Contenders
We all know who Superman and Batman are. They have to be two of the most iconic superheroes around. But why would they be fighting? Just knowing that they have a falling-out will make this one a definite must-watch. And it’s nothing new to hear that Captain America and Iron Man will have a battle – these two have fought each other in other movies already. However, when it comes to Deadpool and Colossus, there isn’t that instant recognition that we have with the other names. Are we really bothered if these two have a scrap and will we pay to watch it?

Feeling Conflicted
Superheroes don’t fight each other unless they have to – and they’ll only do it for the right reasons. But sometimes it’s hard for us viewers to watch two superheroes squaring up to each other. In the title of the Batman/Superman movie we have the reason for their fight – both are looking to serve up their own version of justice. With Deadpool and Colossus, we already know they’re not friends, so it’s not going to be that difficult to see them as sparring partners. However, in Civil War, we’ve got the emotional baggage of knowing that Iron Man and Captain America were once friends – see the trailer.

What’s New?
Sadly for Civil War, what we don’t have is novelty – Iron Man and Captain America have come to blows before now. You can see them scrapping in Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron. There was also a fight in Avengers between the two of them and Thor – infighting with Marvel heroes is de rigueur! In Batman vs Superman, it’s the first time that we’ll see DC heroes fighting each other on screen, even though it has previously happened in the comics, so the DC movie has that novelty edge over Civil War. However, Deadpool not only showcases an inaugural scrap between two heroes but also gives one character who is aware that he’s in a movie and comments to the audience about the fight. That’s novel!

An Excessive Serving of Superheroes

As for the film that has the most superheroes taking part, Captain America: Civil War has the upper hand, as almost all the Avengers will be involved. However, anyone would have to admit that a fight between Superman and Batman is definitely going to be huge, and well worth a watch, even though the number of other superheroes involved is low.

If you aren’t able to go and see all three of these movies, and you have to miss out on one, you’d probably leave Deadpool for a later date. But for a supreme superhero battle movie, it’s hard to choose between Batman vs Superman and Captain America: Civil War – you’ll just have to see them both.

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