Batman would also be in the movie Wonder Woman

The plot of the film ‘Wonder Woman’ could also have Batman in its cast of characters. Specifically in one of the three temporary jumps that are foreseen for the film led by Gal Gadot.

Batman and Wonder Woman

Including World War I (which would coincide with Trevor Scott’s character, played by actor Chris Pine), then jump to the present, and the way to avoid a large planetary cataclysm. It would be the moment where we could see Bruce Wayne, Batman, within the frame of the film on Wonder Woman.

That is, the scene in which both appear in the argument of ‘Batman Vs Superman’ would not be the first time that Wonder Woman and Batman are known, but rather a reunion “after the battle”.

With this new appearance ‘Wonder Woman’ would be another point of presence for Batman after already confirmed for ‘Suicide Squad’ (starring in a chase with Joker, played in turn by Jared Leto).

The theatrical release of ‘Wonder Woman’ is for 23 June 2017. With is shooting underway since November. At which point we see some details about the plot. Although as it happened in ‘Batman Vs Superman’, everything is saved with special secrecy.

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