Ashley Benson has her own game at Pixels

The film ‘Pixels’ is one of the most original in the cinema of fantasy and comedy proposals for the coming months. With a star-studded cast of the comedy, like Adam Sandler or Josh Gad. Now in addition comes a new viral video game about the character of the actress Ashley Benson.

Ashley Benson

Although the trailer premiered could not see even one frame of actress Ashley Benson in action. But change does have its space within the promotional campaign for the film of Chris Columbus.

Except for a fleeting frames in which reference was made to the video game Dojo Quest, which is actually a fully downloadable game, both from the App Store, as from Google Play.

In the trailer we find so endearing characters such as Pac Man or Donkey Kong terrorizing the world’s population. Using the planet as their playground. A colorful and entertaining field.

The synopsis of the film presents itself: when aliens misinterpret footage of “arcade” classic video games as a declaration of war against them, attack Earth. Using the games as models to perform various attacks.

The President Will Cooper has to call his best friend, the champion of video games from the eighties, Jules Brenner, who is now dedicated to installing TV systems at home, to lead a team of experts from the old school players to defeat aliens and save the planet.

Its release in the United States is scheduled for next July 24.

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